I am an entrepreneur, web engineer and game developer.

Laurent Bedubourg

French engineer, Bordeaux (France), Barcelona (Spain)

I dedicate myself to the creation of tech projects, games and experiences on all kind of platforms (physical, mobile, tablet, Web, PC and Mac).

Besides LABE.ME sole proprietorship, I am Co-Founder/Co-CEO and CTO of Juga Entertainment S.L. which develops fantastic products and services Juga.ioJuga.tvWed.tv, check them out!


In 2003 (and before) I was participating to the creation of Motion-Twin, a studio in Bordeaux (France). We were developing web games (Flash/HTML) often social games. Motion-Twin was (and maybe is still) a french leader in that field. I was a proud furry and loudmouthed associate of this fantastic cooperative.

During 8 years, I created and contributed to the creation of Motion-twin and its different projects, more specifically:

  • FrutiParc,
  • KadoKado,
  • NaturalChimie,
  • HammerFist,
  • PiouPiouz,
  • Popotamo,
  • CroqueMonster,
  • AlphaBounce,
  • SkyWar,
  • La bourinette.

And many little games, projects and tools linked to our activity.

In 2011 I left this soft and secure nest to live new adventures and learn new things in Barcelona.

Here I made iOS, Android, Web, HTML mobile games and Arduino games.

I had fun with a lot of tech:

  • Augmented reality (CV)
  • Brain waves (EEG)
  • Touch-less 3D control (LEAP motion)
  • Compass and GPS
  • Processing and 3D rendering of cartographic data
  • Interaction with reality using electronic (Arduino, Raspberry pi)

In 2013 I co-founded with some friends an indie game collective: FrenchCows.

In 2015 I started working on Juga.tv a great gamification system for public places, events and more.

Juga Entertainment S.L. was created in October 2015 and I am Co-founder and CTO there.

Since then we make quite a few pivots and have a few projects running :)


Leapmotion, Arduino, Raspberry PI, EEG, GPS, OSM, 2D, 3D, Android, iOS, Haxe, openfl, C++, Scala, Scalajs, Akka, Akka-Cluster, Docker, Docker swarm, libgdx, opengl, flash, away3d, starling, Html5, Frontend, Backend, Fullstack, Client, Mysql, Innodb, Memcache, Redis, MongoDB, AWS, Nodejs, neko, Play, GameDesigner, Programmer, Linux, Entrepreneur, Creative, Coworker, Hacker, Father…