I am a senior fullstack web engineer and game creator.

Laurent Bedubourg

French engineer, Bordeaux (France), Barcelona (Spain)

I dedicate myself to the creation of tech projects, games and experiences on all kind of platforms (physical, mobile, tablet, Web, PC and Mac).

Besides LABE.ME sole proprietorship, I am Co-Founder/Co-CEO and CTO of Juga Entertainment S.L.

which develops fantastic products and services Juga.ioJuga.tvWed.tv, check them out!


Things I developed: successes, embarrassing failures, always fun!

Bonus section

You only live once they say.


In 2003 (and before) I was participating to the creation of Motion-Twin, a studio in Bordeaux (France). We were developing web games (Flash/HTML) often social games. Motion-Twin was (and maybe is still) a french leader in that field. I was a proud furry and loudmouthed associate of this fantastic cooperative.

During 8 years, I created and contributed to the creation of Motion-twin and its different projects and many little games, projects and tools linked to our activity.

In 2011 I left this soft and secure nest to live new adventures and learn new things in Barcelona.

Here I made iOS, Android, Web, HTML mobile games and Arduino games.

I had fun with a lot of tech:

  • Augmented reality (CV)
  • Brain waves (EEG)
  • Touch-less 3D control (LEAP motion)
  • Compass and GPS
  • Processing and 3D rendering of cartographic data
  • Interaction with reality using electronic (Arduino, Raspberry pi)

In 2013 I co-founded with some friends an indie game collective: FrenchCows.

In 2015 I started working on Juga.tv a great gamification system for public places, events and more.

Juga Entertainment S.L. was created in October 2015 and I am Co-founder and CTO there.

Since then we made quite a few pivots and have a few projects running :)


For the records and maybe SEO

Leapmotion, Arduino, Raspberry PI, EEG, GPS, OSM, 2D, 3D, Android, iOS, Haxe, Openfl, Unity, C++, Scala, Scalajs, Akka, Akka-Cluster, Docker, Docker swarm, Kubernetes, libgdx, opengl, flash, away3d, starling, Html5, Frontend, Backend, Fullstack, Client, Mysql, Postgres, Casandra, Memcache, Redis, MongoDB, GraphQL, Keras, AWS, Nodejs, Typescript, React, React Native, Vuejs, neko, Play, GameDesigner, Test units, Programmer, Linux, Entrepreneur, Creative, Coworker, Hacker, Father…