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MindLabyrinth is the result of a fun a collaboration with my good old mate: François Nicaise.

This game was created to test NeuroSky(tm)'s MindWave headset.

The headset tells us about your attention and meditation levels. These data are integrated into MindLabyrinth's gameplay.

We also developped an alternative GamePlay so the game can be played and enjoyed without the headset.



It was really fun to work with an alien device for a change.

Moreover, working with François is always a pleasure.

The development was smooth and fast thanks to super tools: haXe and NME.

I had the chance to draw a lot for this games (artworks, priest, some sprites) and it was really cool to use PixelMator, SketchBook Pro and Inkscape.

The GamePlay works pretty well with the headset.

The alternative GamePlay is… well… alternative… but it works too :)

I am happy to be the co-creator of this little game and I and pumped up to create new ones!