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2014.10.06Edukymoz 2014.10 aftershock

My vigorous education project "Edukymoz" had a huge success this week-end at the Animasia event, on the FrenchCows stand of course.

Sadly I did not count how many slaps where exactly given. I estimate (and that's a conservative estimation) that at least 130 persons tried the game during the 2 days. Hence, probably more than 5 130 3 = 1950 slaps where distributed (each error gives 3 quick slaps).

Thanks goes to all the glorious people who had the guts to try the game. They were kind and cheerful, they were fun, we all laughed a lot and so did the people who where watching them been slapped! The Animasia public was really great and I spend two fantastic hilarious days.

I may work on a V2 when FrenchCows will be invited to the next event. Two paddles, faster servo motors, more questions, customizable slap power. That would be really epic :)