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2014.12.16MiliWorlds+... incoming

One month ago I met Yeray Pérez Vallejo at the MOB, a co-working space in Barcelona.

Yeray is a designer/illustrator with a vicious passion for popups (popup books, not the anoying windows) and paper objects. Another passion he have is the more common one: video games!

We were talking about our projets and he saw MiliWorlds. MiliWorlds is a little game/prototype I created some months ago. It's a fun little action game for two players on one tablet.

One game later, it was set: he would entirely recreate the graphic design of the game.

One thing leads to another and here we are, with a MiliWorlds on steroids with a delicious retro-game flavour, spiced up with 8bits sounds and musics!

The MiliWorlds update will soon be sent to iOS and Android tablets, you will love it.

See you soon and be prepared!

(Psst: the game will be published with #FrenchCows the french indie collective!)