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It's hard to believe my last post is one year old :)

I've been working on quite a lot of things but the most important is a fresh start-up called "Juga Entertainment S.L.".

With my friend and co-founder Michele, we had this revelation of an easy to use gamification system for public places and events.

Something both fun and immensely useful for the world (from the bar to the education).

So I stopped all my projects, we worked hard, and with the help and support of many friends we reached the point where our first product is available in BETA and it rocks!

It's called

Here's a small taste of what it look like:

We created this entertainment system based on modern web technologies. It connect TVs with Mobiles for real-time interaction and communication.

We believe in local community and in the power of people having fun together (Hello, I have been creating games for more than 15 years :).

With Juga your will manage things like:

  • your quiz night with prizes and ready to use questions (more than 10k in 3 languages at the time of this writing),
  • your interactive karaoke where the public will be able to note the performers,
  • wait, it also works with any kind of performance and concourse!
  • your whatever-sport-real-or-imaginary betting for fun,
  • a lottery to give some prizes? done,
  • a vote for the best presentation of the event? sure,
  • ok... I think you get the idea, a lot of things, very flexible games, and more to come...

Plus, since Juga takes control of your TVs your can display your own information like schedules, menus, offers, youtube channel, whatever.

We still have a lot to do, we have a plan, we move fast and we already provide many activities and tools so anyone can potentially take control of his TV to provide great entertainment and better communicate with his customers!

Technology wise is mainly developed with Scala, Scalajs, Akka and uses docker tools for deployment. It's the work a big productive year and there's a lot of good stuff under the hood. I hope I'll find the time to talk about some of these things in the future. :)

Test (yes, there's a free plan for that) and send me your feedback! And if your like it...