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2016.07.05About future

Juno reached Jupiter today, maybe I can write something personal then :)

It was a few days ago, they were waiting for their dad to stop working and come play with them.

After five seconds of disruptive silence Léonce asked: "Dad, what will exist after humans?"

"Hmm," they were behind me but I bet they sensed the smile of pleasure on my face, "probably robots," I answered while pushing my work of the day to gitlab.

"Maybe OUR robot then!" Exclaimed Joseph full of hope and pride.

I looked at the little Arduino bot standing on my desk. A white protoboard, cheap colored cables, a cheap three wheels chassis, four AA batteries, a clock, a distance sensor, and the dust accumulating. The thing shouldn't survive two years.

"We'll have to improve it a little then," I said cheerfully after closing the laptop.

I believe in the theory that humans are the bees of Earth's life. In other words: Our specie is programmed to spread Earth's life in the universe.

I admit it's been a little bit chaotic during a few millenniums, but, hey, that's how life goes on, slowly, with errors, and never giving up!

Compatible with science and god, your ancestors will pat your back when you'll join them!